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Knitting-related injury February 20, 2011

So apparently I’ve been knitting too much lately.  I have finished soooo many things in the last few weeks and my hands are finally starting to show and feel the strain.  I’ve literally knitted so much on socks that I have worn a hole in my “sock callus” on my left pointer finger.  This is the finger that I usually use to steady the left needle as I move stitches up toward the end of that needle to be knitted.  It’s sore, swollen, and a big pain in the ass.  So I am going to have to take a knitting break for a few days so I can give it time to heal.  That really stinks, because I’m working on a GREAT pair of socks right now- Down The Rabbit-Hole by Kimberly Pieper- in some awesome self-striping yarn that I got from a seller on Etsy.  And hooray for stash busting- I’ve had this yarn for about 2 years so it’s awesome to get to use it!!

Bare Sheep Yarn Company Merino Fingering in "Loyal Royal"

Well the podcast is going swimmingly.  Brittany and I are recording Episode 7 tonight and it will probably be up on Monday.  I am very excited!  As of last night we had 29 5-star ratings on iTunes, and that includes 12 written ratings!  It makes me feel so awesome that people like it- especially when we put such huge amounts of time and effort into doing a great show.

Spinning is going well.  Luckily my finger issue really doesn’t affect my spinning all that much (it’s my fiber-control hand, not my twist-control hand) so I was able to finish some gorgeous merino/silk laceweight singles last night.  I ended up getting 454 yards out of 100g/4oz.  As soon as this skein is dry and reskeined, it will be available in my Etsy shop.

Merino/Silk Laceweight Singles, from RogueAdventures roving

Last but not least, Doc wanted to say hi, and for me to tell you about what he did to me yesterday.

My spider kitty, Doc

I was laying in bed, and it was still pretty early in the morning.  I was in one of those “light sleep” periods that I go through every night, where I’m basically aware of what’s going on around me but it’s foggy and I’m half asleep.  Anyway, so my tshirt had ridden up a bit on my back and I could feel a draft.  All of a sudden I feel this weird tickling/prickling sensation on my lower back.  My thoughts immediately ran to “SPIDEROMGSPIDERGETITOFFME!!!” and I was struggling not to throw my hand back there and slap the snot out of whatever was on my back… then I felt his nose, too.  He was rubbing his face on my lower back.  He’s lucky he doesn’t have a mashed-flat face right now- it was thisclose.

Hope all of you are doing well!



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5 Responses to “Knitting-related injury”

  1. Sam Says:

    I feel for you!!! My shoulders start to ache when I have been knitting too much. I can knit for hours and I forget to stop and stretch.

  2. Yarndude Says:

    Yo! I couldn’t find an email address for you, but wanted to answer your question about the shawl pattern on my blog. It’s Damask my Kitman Figueroa. Carry on!

  3. Marie Says:

    Wow. I can’t say that I have ever incurred a knitting injury. That takes some doing. Maybe you could spin instead?
    Love the yarn you are knitting with. It’s gorgeous.

  4. Marie Says:

    And where is your podcast? I’d love to give a listen to it.

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