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Big news August 8, 2011

So I am a bad blogger.  I’m sorry I’ve not written lately.  The shop just keeps me slammed and I’ve been out of town a lot lately.

The Tour de Fleece was definitely successful for me this year.  Overall, I ended up finishing 45oz/2186yds of yarn during the course of the Tour- and that doesn’t count some singles that weren’t quite done that were on one wheel, and I didn’t actually end up finishing any of my spindle projects so those are still on-the-go.  I am proud of my accomplishment.  I just wish that I had spun 3oz more so I could have finished a full 3lb!  Oh well.  Here’s my final mosaic:

Tour de Fleece 2011- a resounding success!

So now, a change of topic.  In really big news… Chris proposed to me yesterday!  I am so, so pleased and excited.  We’ve been together a bit over 4 years, so I feel like we’ve taken our time to get to know each other, and we know that we want to spend our lives together.  We don’t have a wedding date set yet, but we’re looking at April of next year.  So now I have a wedding to plan!  Exciting! :)


Well that’s basically all for me today… I need to get back to the dyepots and cleaning my house!  I have some friends coming to visit this week and I’m trying to get all of my shop work done before they get here on Thursday… plus have the house clean.  Eep!

Thanks for reading, and I hope ya’ll are doing well!



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7 Responses to “Big news”

  1. Deb-ky Says:

    Congratulations, Dana.

    • Retha Says:

      Congrats!!! such BIG news! have fun planning the wedding and don’t sweat the small stuff, i.e. not blogging all the time. Life is too short! :)

  2. GailR Says:

    Best wishes for you and Chris. Beautiful ring – but of course it would be.


  3. Shana Says:

    Awesome! So happy for you guys!

  4. Memphisholli Says:

    Wonderful news. Best wishes for you both.

  5. Samantha Says:

    Congratulations! Such a pretty ring! Have fun planning your wedding. :)

  6. Katja Says:

    Congratulations, Dana :D

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